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--Author Christopher Benson



Friday, February 18, 2011


Welcome to

Feel GooFriday!!!

Erika had found that a lot of her bloggy friends reading posts about being positive, so she thought she might try her very own meme. She just wanted everyone to feel good and have some happy thoughts as you begin the weekend.  Go over to her blog for the details.

What made me Feel Goothis week.
Going with a list this week.

1.  My daughter-in-law is doing much better this week and we received confirmation yesterday that the cyst was non-cancerous.  Thank you for all your prayers.

2. I attended my last basketball parent's night last night.  The game was plain awesome beating the other team 76-34.  My son played a great defensive game, he was like Superman on the floor.  The whole team played a great game.  Just one more home game as a parent in the regular season but have informed  my husband we will be there as fans next year. I love watching these boys play!!
Jayme, Jeff and some lady that really needs a haircut. :)

3. I won two blog awards last week.  The first was:
 From Freda's Voice.  It requires I list 4 Guilty Pleasures.
  1. LOVE watching High School Basketball.
  2. I watch Days of Our Lives everyday.
  3. I spend way to much time on Facebook.
  4. I must watch any show with the Kardashians on it.
4. The second was:

From:  Ellie at Books, Fitness and Other Stuff.  It was her first blog award!!

As a condition of my acceptance of this adorable award, I have to share five things about myself.

In those five things, four must be partially fictitious, or enhanced realities (read - kinda true, but kinda not), and then one full factoid. Feel free to make guesses about which one is the completely true one, I'll post the answers next Friday in my post!

1. My children are all named after famous people.
2. I won a Beauty Pageant.
3. I am an only child.
4.I used to walk 2-3 miles everyday and lost almost 80 pounds in one year.
5.I married my swim coach.

Both of these awards ask me to pass them on.  I follow so many wonderful blogs it is too hard to choose just a few so I pass these awards on the every one of you bloggers reading this post.  You are all INCREDIBLY SWEET and I have "met" almost every one of you because of a MEME.

5. I keep my politics off my blog, but post pretty freely on Facebook.  I just want to take a moment here to say Wisconsin has made the national news this week and it is not because the Packers won the Super Bowl.  I want to thank all the public employees of Wisconsin, of which my daughter is one, for standing up and rallying peacefully to preserve their rights this week and for as long as it takes for their voices to be heard.
My daughter Katy and grandson Kaden.

That's what makes me Feel Good, 
I can't wait to read about what made you
Feel Good this week!! 


Gigi Ann said...

Sounds and looks to me like you had a really FEEL GOOD WEEK.

jackie b central texas said...

Lori thank goodness for non cancerous cyst...
Congratulations on the two blog awards, you do have a sweet site and the MEME's are fun to read and if not always participate in weekly at least take part every once in a while!
Glad to hear you had a good week and hope this next one is too!

purplume said...

Congrats on the awards. I'm glad the cyst was benign. I think your children were not named after famous people AND I received my books from you today. Many thanks. I look forward to reading them. If these are gently read, your read very gently, they look brand new! XD

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I am so relieved to hear the good news!!! I scoured your blog last week to see if you had any updates.

I am shocked by Wisconsin and what is going on. I am with you my friend.

Also your hair is cute!!! It reminds me of Doris Day. I LOVE Doris Day and I am just getting my daughter hooked on her movies too :-)