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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heather Abegglen Guest Posts - A Mother's Story

You may be wondering who Heather Abegglen is, well she is my niece, and no she is not an author. She is a young mom who is facing a dilemma that has plagued mothers for years, to work or stay home. She is sharing her story with us and hopefully she has found an answer that works for her.


Here's her story:

My life changed on December 22, 2009. You may be asking yourself, “What happened?” Well…

It was the day I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Lillian. She has been the most amazing thing to happen to me. People always say your life will never be the same after having a child. And boy, were they right.

I had to go back to my full-time job on February 15, 2010 and it was very difficult to leave Lillian. I knew she was in great hands (her father’s), but it was still so hard. I was told it would get easier, but in all honesty, it didn’t. I dreaded going to work each day, because I was missing out on so much. Jacob, Lillian’s father, was doing a fabulous job with Lillian. Each day she was growing more and more attached to him. Which is a good thing, but as the one having to go to work each day, it kind of broke my heart that I wasn’t her “favorite”. Luckily that wouldn’t last long…

Each year in May, Jacob returns to work as an operator in a local union (aka construction worker). With this in mind, we had to think about our childcare situation. I never realized how many options there are or how much they could cost. Should we put her in a daycare, in home care or could I stay home with her….in the end we felt that our best choice was for me to stay home with her. Which I know I am very blessed to have this option. It’s been amazing. Watching her grow and learn is the most rewarding thing.

Just as Jacob starts work every year in May, he ends work every year in November. So we were faced with the “now what?” question. I have continued to work very part-time (every Sunday and just recently one more day each week) at my old job. My responsibilities at work have drastically decreased. I was once the HR manager and am now just another associate. Not that I would change this for a second, but returning to working more there has become a little more difficult of a decision. I almost feel like I don’t know my “place” there anymore. This got me thinking about what other options were out there…

This is when Lia Sophia become the answer to my “now what?” question. I met with an adviser (who is now my manager) about the possibility of joining her team. I wanted to know if I had what it took to own my own business. After numerous phone calls, emails and meetings with the adviser about all my questions and concerns, I decided what did I have to lose. Sure I had to purchase the starter kit, but in the kit I would receive over $1000 worth of jewelry for under $150. My love for Lia Sophia jewelry was one of the reasons I choose them. Of course the main reason is and will always be my family. Being about to spend the quality time with Lillian and Jacob will not only make me a better person, but a much happier one too!

I had my first show this past week. I was extremely nervous, but I think it definitely helped that there was family there to support me. It went great! My first hostess did an amazing job, as well. She was able to get a lot of free jewelry and really discounted jewelry too. I wish I could be there to see her face when she gets it all in the mail. Making people happy has always been one of my passions, so being able to do this with Lia Sophia is just one of the many bonuses.

The Beginning.

Interested in becoming a part of my beginning or 
learning more about Lia Sophia contact me at
heatherabegglen@hotmail.com or 920-210-3699 
You can also visit  
to browse the fabulous jewelry.


Thanks Heather for being here today.  I want everyone to know this jewelry is of extremely high quality, but because I really don't go out much, I do not own a lot of jewelry at all, but if I did I would own many of the Lia Sophia pieces.  I want to encourage and support Heather in all she is doing so that is why she is my special guest today.  

If you want to just purchase jewelry please check out her website, remember there are only 73 shopping days until Christmas. If you want more info about the business side please contact her, no matter where you are located she will be able to answer your questions and help you get started in your area.  This new beginning has helped her change her life, if you are a mom or have a daughter looking for new opportunities, Lia Sophia may be a new beginning for you too.


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purplume said...

beautiful post and photos. I remember those days and the challenges. I's so happy this door opened for you.