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--Author Christopher Benson



Friday, November 12, 2010


Welcome to 

Feel Good Friday!!!

Erika had found that a lot of her bloggy friends reading posts about being positive, so she thought she might try her very own meme.  She just wanted everyone to feel good and have some happy thoughts as you begin the weekend. 

It is never too late to join!!!   
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I can't wait to read about what made you
Feel Good this week!!

Last week my post was filled with lots of drama so this week is definitely lighter!!
1.  Thank you to all my good friends, bloggy, family, Facebook, everyone that gave me hugs last weeks both virtual and in person.  You all made me Feel Good! 
2.  Today is my grandson Kaden's 3rd birthday.  His mommy and daddy are taking him for a weekend at nearby indoor water park.   I know know this should mean the terrible twos are over and the terrific threes should be starting, but I'll believe it when I see it.  I always joke his mom was the best baby, even went without giving me hardly any pain when she was born, but they day she turned 2 all that changed.  There are still times today she is in her terrible twos, but I wouldn't change a day.

3. Betsy finally got her driver's license!!!!!! This is huge, because she is nineteen and never wanted to get her license after my accident and her sister hit a deer, hit black ice, and had another accident I can't remember how it happened all in about her first year of driving.  Yes,  3 totaled vehicles in a little over a year and thankfully was never seriously injured.  Then Jayme had his accident last month on the day before she went to retake her test. We have great family and friends who have been driving her to Madison for school everyday until today.  Today she drove herself, Jeff borrowed his mom's car as she is out of town.  We still have to find her a vehicle so she will still need rides for awhile, but this was a gigantic step for all of us.  She texted a message when she arrived a school and I will be glad to see her walk in the door when she gets home.  Worrying is in the mother's handbook, page 1, and I am very successful at it. :)

4.  Jayme bought a new car to replace the one that was totaled in his accident.  He loves it, says "it's loaded Mom!" He still has some back and neck pain but basketball starts formal practice on Monday and he has been playing some ball, lifting weights, and doing a lot of stretching.  The new shoes were bought last night so he is all ready.  Oh and his 1st quarter grades were excellent too!!!

5.  Yesterday I took some time away from the computer and spent time with Katy and Kaden.  Usually when she has a day off, she is running around doing things with Kaden and errands and shopping.  But yesterday I walked away from the computer and we watched some television we had recorded, talked, played with Kaden, talked, read our books, talked, and just really spent some quality time together.

One of the things we watched was Oprah's Teen Heartthrob Episode and we ended up crying together.  When Katy and Betsy were younger, before my accident, we took them to their dream concert, let's face it this mom likes these guys too. I knew all the words, sang along and acted just a crazy as the teenagers.  It brought back a wonderful memory!!!  Check it out!!

I hope you all had wonderful week too!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get my DL till I was 20, I just never went down and took the test. One of the best things I ever did. I remember the first time driving with my son in the car. It was harrowing and I was a basket of nerves by the time we got there. Driving alone was scary.

Glady J is feeling better.

Madison? As in WI? My father lives up there in Monroe when he's not on the road. Coolness. Nice to meet you, I am a fellow book lover.

jackie b central texas said...

Lori all of the positive vibes today are just glowing right out to us from this post! It is great to hear that you took some time for making good memories with your daughter and grandchild this week by reliving an old memory that made you smile!
Hurray for the DL and another Hurray for the car, what a wonderful week for all of you and here is to a wonderful weekend as well!

Virtual Hug anytime lady, we all need them and if you lived near enough would get more in person!

jackie >_<

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

What a special ending to a traumatic time. Happy Birthday to Kaden! Four is my favorite year, so hey - one more year to go. HA. J/k. He is adorable.
And what a smile over that DL!!! Yeah, Betsy!! WTG! It's hard to conquer fears like that and she did it. That was incredibly brave.

My 16yr old just started driving a few months ago. We got through an accident, two flats, and a couple of scraps. It's all good. :-)

His car looks fantastic and I love shows that bring to light memories and appreciations of them.

Happy FEEL good Friday! Yeah!

BTW-I would have LOVED to have had a pic of your smile

Mary said...

My 16 year old didn't get his permit until he had had been 15 for 5 months. For every instance I gave him of why he would need to drive, he had a response. I started him out slowly (driving up a side street that's pretty straight and no traffic), then let him "graduate" to busy roads. He got his license in Oct., 1 month after his birthday. It's really helped us out a lot, and I think he's loving being a little more independent (although he was late for school yesterday!). He's driving our old, beat up minivan...safe, and if he gets a scratch or 2 on it from the school parking lot, it's no big deal!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like that worry about teenagers and driving. I used to work in Intensive care when my sons were teens. I did a lot of praying.
I'm grateful that your children are safe.
Bless you all.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I might want to let someone else drive for a while too! Hope she stays safe!

Mary said...

I have an award for you, so stop by and pick it up!