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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Lies That Bind by Kate Carlisle

A Bibliophile Mystery
An Obsidian Mystery
3rd in the Series
Available Today

Brooklyn Wainwright is the master when it comes to restoring rare and antique books.  In this third installment of the series, she is teaching a class on bookbinding at the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Book Arts, BABA.  The director of the center is a real witch and has recently hired another teacher, a former classmate that Brooklyn absolutely hates, but Brooklyn loves what she does and loves to share it by teaching others, so she decides she can endure their presence for a few weeks.

Unfortunately the center is not the safest place to be, first the former classmate is assaulted in the hallway and then the director is found dead.  Brooklyn starts to believe she is a dead body magnet as bodies seem to keep turning up wherever she is.  The only good thing is that Derek Stone keeps turning up too and if things would just stop going wrong their passionate kisses could actually turn into a relationship. But first she must find out how Derek's relationship with the director is bound into the rest of the story, a story that leads to a murderer.

This was a brand new series for me and not only did I enjoy the mystery parts but I also learned a lot about bookbinding and restoring old and rare books.  

It is not only the mystery that keeps the pages turning but you find yourself rooting for Derek and Brooklyn to finally get together.  Time after time just when things look promising, a phone rings, someone knocks on the door, or another lead needs to be followed.  Maybe that is why I didn't love this book, I was getting frustrated for them, but the good thing is that the next book, Murder Under Cover, will be out in May 2011, and while I know there will be a body or two, I am hoping that just maybe Brooklyn and Derek can actually go on an entire date, and maybe more, without any interruption.  

The other characters in this series, especially Brooklyn's mom and dad, a couple of real life hippies, may make you laugh out loud.  I really don't want to give too much away but if you are not familiar with this series start with Homicide in Hardcover, then If Books Could Kill and The Lies That Bind, each book builds on the last and each book is better than the one before.

To find out more about Kate Carlisle, the other books in the series, and more about Brooklyn's world be sure to check out Kate's Website.

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