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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cedar Cove Series by Debbie Macomber

I read 1022 Evergreen Place and 1105 Yakima Street this week so I am all caught up for the last book in the series 1225 Christmas Tree Lane which comes out the end of this month.  I am so sad that this series is ending.

A Cedar Cove Novel
10th in the series

This story features Mack McAfee who owns the duplex at 1022 Evergreen Place.  He lives on one side and Mary Jo Wyse and her baby daughter, Noelle, live on the other side.  Mack delivered Noelle in the last book.  Mary Jo and Mack both have feelings for each other but Mary Jo realizes she has made some bad decisions regarding men in the past, so she keeps throwing up road blocks.

A major element in this edition are some letters from World War II Mary Jo found under a loose floor board. Mack and Mary Jo keep getting together to track down information about the soldier that wrote them and about the woman he loved.  Spending time together definitely feels right.

A Cedar Cove Novel

Featured this time are Rachel, Bruce and Jolene Payton.  Rachel is Jolene's step mother and they got along perfectly until Rachel actually married Bruce.   The tension was really building as the last book ended. This family has serious issues and Jolene, the thirteen year old, wants her dad all to herself and driven a huge wedge in the middle of this family.

We also follow another family that was in the background of the last book as they are facing a very troubling situation.  Linc and Lori Wyse got married in very short order and are blissfully happy, but the problem is with Lori's father.  Lori's family is very wealthy and her father is convinced that Linc only married her for her money. 

Plus Charlotte Rhodes is starting to forget things and her family begins to worry as the problem is getting worse with each day.

My Thoughts
I am reviewing both these books together because this whole series is absolutely wonderful.  I have enjoyed each visit to Cedar Cove and will be very sad when these excursions end.  

What Debbie does so well is that while she features a different address/family in each story she realizes that the entire community of Cedar Cove is connected to each other through family and friendships.  In each edition we get a peek at most of the characters so we always stay connected with our favorites. She puts us right there in Cedar Cove, whether we are sitting in the library, visiting the art gallery, dining at a local restaurant, or just walking down the street.  We feel welcome wherever we travel around.   

Watching these characters grow, fall in love, start families, have grandchildren, suffer setbacks, even deal with cancer, we are there for it all.  Debbie promises that the last book will tie up any loose ends and she will revisit every family.  These goodbyes are going to be hard both on the author and the readers.  I wish we could convince her that 13**  Street, Avenue, Way, would be a fabulous title as long as it isn't 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Debbie's tagline on her website is "Wherever you are, Debbie takes you home." That is so true!!! 

All the older books were reissued in 2010 so they are all available if you haven't started or have gotten behind on this not to be missed series. Just click on the book cover in the slideshow and it will take you direct to Amazon to place your order.  They are also available at bookstores everywhere. The old covers very nice but the new ones are gorgeous.

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RAnn said...

These stories are like visiting with old friends. Do you have the Christmas one? If so, I invite you to link your review to my Christmas in September feature.

MarthaE said...

I have enjoyed Macomber's easy style. I'm not sure I would want a recurring series though.