"All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality -- the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape."
--Author Christopher Benson



Friday, September 23, 2011


Welcome to
Feel Good Friday!!!

Erika had found that a lot of her bloggy friends reading posts about being positive, so she thought she might try her very own meme. She just wanted everyone to feel good and have some happy thoughts as you begin the weekend.  Go over to her blog for the details.

"The Girl" is busy constructing a new website so for the time being this feature is being hosted by lia sophia tomgirl.  She has a great blog, be sure to check it out!

What made me FEEL GOOthis week?
Last Saturday night I attended the 50th Birthday Bash for my high school graduating class.  You may remember from last week's post I was really nervous about going. Well I went and I had a blast!!! My anxiety melted away as soon as I saw my friends.
There was a really good turnout!
That's me front row on the left.
This definitely describes all of us!!!

Great Time Catching Up With Friends
There was a DJ with Karaoke and Tommy sure could sing!!!
My Favorite Photo Of The Night!!
Kevin was always the life of the party and he hasn't changed a bit,
I think he caught Colleen a little off guard!!


A Couple of Crashers from 1978,
but it was a great joy to see them too!!

Gigi and Elisa Planned This Wonderful Party

There is no picture of my best moment of the night.  My girlfriends were all on the dance floor and I was very happy sitting on the sidelines when a friend came over and grabbed my hands and started dancing with me.  My wheelchair didn't faze him one bit.  I had a blast and probably haven't have that much exercise or fun in years. For those few minutes I forgot about my disability and felt like my old self again. He doesn't follow my blog and is not on Facebook so he will probably not even know the effect those few minutes had on me until maybe we see each other again at the next reunion.  

Thank you Gigi and Elisa for a wonderful idea!!! 
It was a night I will never forget!!

We plan to get together again in three years for another reunion.  It shocks me to think it will be 35 years since our high school graduation.  Hopefully we will get an even bigger turnout.  I can hardly wait!!!

Now tell me
What made you Feel Good this week?
I hope you will take a moment to share!


Xmas Dolly said...

I'm so happy for you that you had such a great time, and sharing the pictures thank you so much! I know it put a smile on my face too! You almost made me cry at the last of your story because I could almost picture it. You're such a sweet person. Hugzzzzzzzzzzz

Blogger Broadcast said...

Looks great, actually fabulous. Happy for you and hope you will have many more.