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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How To Crash A Killer Bash by Penny Warner


A Party Planning Mystery with Tips

This is the second book in this series following How To Host A Killer Party.

In this installment Presley Parker is hosting a Murder Mystery Party as a fundraiser for the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  She has been hired by the museum's leading fundraiser and philanthropist, Mary Lee Miller.  The murder weapon for the party is an exact albeit harmless replica of a dagger that is part of the museum's vast collection and Mary Lee Miller has volunteered to be the victim of the "murder".  She has also demanded parts in the production for her son and other employees of the museum.  The rest of the participants will be friends and co-workers of Presley who have helped her with parties in the past.  

Trouble erupts during the dress rehearsal when Mary Lee confronts her son about his girlfriend, who is also Presley's friend and assistant, Delicia. After the argument Delicia is heard saying some not so nice things about her boyfriend's mother. 

Guests start to arrive for the performance and to help solve the mystery in costume as their favorite sleuths, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, etc.  The performers are introduced and the mystery party begins, everything is going as planned when a bloodcurdling scream is heard and Delicia comes out a door with blood on her hand, this is not in the script, the guests are supposed to find her over the body.  Presley finally understands someone is really dead and to her shock it is Mary Lee Miller.  As the real cops and EMTs arrive the guests all think it is part of the performance.  Then it is announced the the murder is very real and everyone will be questioned, but very soon the officers hear about the comments Delicia made about Mary Lee and is she is arrested.

Presley knows Delicia wouldn't hurt a fly and knows that she has to uncover the real murderer because the cops already have their killer.  Her investigation turns out to be nothing like a party and she must be careful or she will end up dead just like Mary Lee Miller.

This story was just a lot of fun, quirky characters, a very believable plot, suspense, humor and even a little romantic tension.  This book is the full package, everything  you love about cozy mysteries is here, all wrapped up like a pretty party present.  The Party Tips at the start of each chapter are just an added bonus.  This definitely is a series to watch and I am excited to read about many more KILLER PARTIES!!

To find out more about this author visit fer website http://www.pennywarner.com/

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Kris said...

Glad you liked this one! I have a copy of this one I need to read myself, so happy to know you gave it a good review.