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Thursday, March 3, 2011


No, I am not a new Tabloid Reporter, but this is a feature so 
that we can all get to know each other better.  

This feature will be open from Thursday at 12:01 A.M. and close on Monday at 11:59 P.M. to allow those that want to participate over the weekend the opportunity to do so when they have more time.  So you may want to check back on Tuesday or check the previous week's link on Thursday to view everyone's answers.

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If you are just joining this feature 
We all become friends/followers but most of us will never meet in person, this feature is to help us all get to know each other better.

Each Thursday I will post 3 questions for you to answer 
that you can copy and post on your blog with your answers. 
You don’t have to be a blogger to participate either. I will be using a Linky List for the blogs to use to participate and follow each other around to get to know each other, but if you are not a blogger just answer the questions in the comment section following the post on your favorite blog. Please feel free to click on the links and visit other blogs too.  

This way we not only get to know other bloggers, 
we get to know our followers too.
I am really excited about this meme 
and hope many more people will join the fun!!!!!

Are you interested?


1. How many cookbooks do you own?

2. What is the most used electrical appliance in your kitchen?

3. How many nights per week do you have take-out, delivery or fast food?

Now be sure to copy and paste the information and your answers into your blog, then come back to link up, so we can come to your blog and read your answers.

I hope you will come back to this meme every week and tell your friends so we can all get to know each other better and get the answers to all the questions 
Enquiring Minds Want To Know.

1. How many cookbooks do you own?

We used to own several.  I still have the Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook given to me as a bridal shower gift back in 1983.  I also have a couple church cookbooks and one I helped make years ago when I was on the local Fireman's Auxiliary, and a Pamper Chef cookbook.  They are all here on my desk from when I had a recipe meme here at Dollycas's Thoughts. They are more in a box in the basement.  I used to love to cook and bake especially.  I still say my tuna casserole and beef roast with browned potatoes and carrots are better than my husbands, but he was always the better chef even before my accident.  I really want to put together a cookbook of family favorites for our children so as they have families of their own, they will have all the recipes for what we made them at home.  I hope to have it done by Christmas, I will keep you posted.

2. What is the most used electrical appliance in your kitchen?
Not really my appliances.
Just some pretty ones
I found pictures of online.
 Definitely the dishwasher, followed closely by the microwave and pizza oven. The kids are always on the run and need to eat something quick and easy.  My husband checks in everyday on his way home from work to see how many mouths there will actually be home to feed when he gets here.

3. How many nights per week do you have take-out, delivery or fast food?
Too many, especially during basketball season, then we grab something quick after the game.  Jeff doesn't get home from work physically on a normal night until about 6:30 p.m. and then is handling work calls and emails until bedtime. So he cooks between the calls and sometimes he is just exhausted and orders pizza to be delivered.  

After my accident, part of occupational therapy was learning how to cook one-handed.  Sometimes using my teeth to open packages, some I don't know how people open them with two good hands.  lol  After a couple of burns and broken bowls, we, the therapist, Jeff and I decided family cooking was not going to happen.  If I can get all the packages open I can make myself a sandwich, or use the microwave to heat up a piece of leftover pizza.  Thankfully the kids are now old enough to fend for themselves or help out with the cooking, that is of course if they are actually here.  As time goes by and they get older they are not here very often, school, school activities, work, hanging out with friends, etc.  Pretty soon it will be just Jeff and I and we will probably settle most nights for scrambled eggs and toast.

Now it's your turn! 
Let's get to know YOU!!
This Enquiring Mind Wants To Know!


Gigi Ann said...

I forgot about the dishwasher, but I still think we use the microwave the most. Thanks for hosting this fun meme each week.

Dizzy C said...

The kettle in our kitchen. For the endless cups of tea!
I cook on gas and the dishwasher only goes on once a day.


Yvonne said...

I forgot about the dishwasher too, but I think the micro is the most used.

Hannah Marie said...

How neat to do a family cookbook. My mom made one for my sister-in-law when she and my brother got married for the "family" recipes.

Oh and Dizzy, I didn't think about the kettle being an appliance. I use my all the time, even just to make jello. :)

CMash said...

I understand about the take out. Since the surgery, I have a hard time, I am lucky that Steve is understanding. However, If I have a good day, I try to do something that is easy.

dollycas aka Lori said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by today, Martha will be here on Sunday so be sure to check back!!

Shawn Becker said...

Hi, I am a new follower, this was a fun meme! I would love to make a family cookbook, maybe when I retire!

Blogger Broadcast said...

Looks like you've got a meme yourself...Those are very good questions.

Anonymous said...

I have about 12 - 15 cookbooks.
I use the toaster oven all the time.
We eat out less than once a month, we don't usually ever do fast food, (although I do when visiting others who do.) and we rarely do take out, maybe twice a year.
My husband and I fend for ourselves when it comes to food. I'd rather eat an apple or pepper out of hand than cook. Or eat chocolate. We do eat some health food prepared frozen food especially hubby. I might make a giant pot of soup or cook a big piece of meat and eat it all week.

My husband and I

MarthaE said...

I love your idea of family recipes!
I forgot about the dishwasher but really I try to run it only every other day and we sometimes use it just to dry dishes that we wash.