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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

COZY WEDNESDAY - With Author Sharon Pape (Giveaway too!!)

Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!!
I met today's guest after reading her first Portrait of Crime MysterySketch Me If You Can.  I am not usually a fan of ghosts in books but this author writes in such a way that you can help but love this ghost. I couldn't wait for the next book in the series To Sketch A Thief.  

Over the past year I have learned what an amazing women she is. She is a great champion for pets who are basically on death row. Her daughter works tirelessly to find homes for these animals. Getting to know her, you can understand how a dog sometimes steals the show in her books, but I'll let her explain.

To find out more about this amazing woman be sure to check out her Web Page.  I am truly in awe of her and her life journey that led her to writing books for all of us to enjoy.

Please Welcome Sharon Pape to Dollycas's Thoughts!!!

Hi Sharon.

Hi Lori, thanks for the invitation to visit with you and chat about To Sketch a Thief.

Have you ever noticed how many TV commercials have dogs in them? And I’m not just talking about the ads that are specifically selling products for dogs. The people who create the commercials, and the companies that pay them big bucks to do it, have clearly hooked into the fact that dogs play a huge role in family life. If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you've heard many of the people who are house hunting say they want a nice backyard – a yard big enough for the four-legged, butt wiggling, members of their family to enjoy.

As it happens, I come from a long line of dog lovers, so pups are always front and center in my thoughts. In fact I’d already decided that one of the books in “A Portrait of Crime” mysteries would revolve around dogs. With serendipitous timing, right after I came to that conclusion, I read an article about the recent uptick in dog thefts. I had my subject.

Although the topic of dog thefts is a serious one and too often heartbreaking for the owner, I knew that the book would definitely have a funny side as well. If you’ve ever been fortunate to live with a dog you already know that they’re natural clowns who are always entertaining us with their goofy antics and boundless joy. So I wasn’t at all surprised by how much fun I had writing To Sketch a Thief.

Okay, so I had my subject. Now what I needed was a major canine character. Enter Hobo, a big, old shaggy mutt – the product of many generations of mutts and a combination of all the dogs, both purebred and more casually bred, that have shared my life. Right about now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, no one steals mutts; there’s no money in it.” You’re absolutely right, which is why Hobo isn’t stolen. But Hobo’s stepsister, a little Maltese by the name of Tootsie, is missing, and their owner is found dead – a dog napping gone wrong or something else entirely? Ex-sketch artist Rory McCain and her sidekick, federal marshal Zeke Drummond (deceased since 1878) are soon on the case.

Although I knew in advance that Hobo would be fun to work with, I didn’t expect him to have as big an impact on Rory and Zeke as he did. Yes, what you’ve heard is true – characters can develop minds of their own and even react to circumstances in ways you never anticipated. As their creator you can either rein them in with a stern reminder not to try that again or you can let up on the reins, take a chance and see where they’re heading. Of course following their lead can often be a spectacular waste of time that requires a lot of backtracking (blessed be the inventor of the delete key), but it can also take you down some interesting roads you hadn’t considered traveling before. Happily, allowing Hobo to follow his nose this time wound up providing his humans with real opportunities for growth.

I’m betting you’ll have as much fun reading To Sketch a Thief as I had writing it. But you might not want to wear black. There’s dog fur everywhere


I loved this book so much and I am so excited to have 2 copies to share with you!!! Sharon sent me one very special copy and I am going to give up my review copy.  I love sharing wonderful books!!!

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Thanks for stopping by Sharon, we will all be 
looking forward to your next 
Portrait of Crime Mystery!!
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Margaret said...

I have been trying to increase my mystery reading and I'd love to add this to it! Thanks!


holdenj said...

Hobo sounds like a great character! Congrats on continued success Sharon! Thanks!

Booklady said...

I loved Sketch Me if You Can and I'm really looking forward to reading To Sketch a Thief. Great series.

Beverly aka Booklady

Liz V. said...

Enjoyed To Sketch a Thief. Now must go back to read Sketch Me if You Can.

cyn209 said...

soooo can't wait to read this book!! thank you for the giveaway!!!
good luck & congrats to Sharon!!!!

Na said...

I am really getting the appeal of cozy mysteries. They are a lot of fun and the reader gets to play detective. I am a fan of having animals in books especially when they have their own personalities. Sounds like I'll be a fan of Hobo.

Carol N Wong said...

Hobo looks so cute. I love cozies that involve dogs.


ann said...

I love this book cover. I also enjoy reading mysteris to.

amhengst at verizon dot net

Kelly said...

I enjoy books dealing with dogs, however I've never read a mystery that involved a dog. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of cat mysteries, but I'm not really a cat person. I'm a true dog lover. This is going on my tbr list.

Kelly said...

oh and here's my email if you'd like

butterflyboo123 at hotmail dot com

dollycas aka Lori said...

Thank you to everyone for stopping by today. I know you would all enjoy this book/series!!!

Have A Great Day!!


Darlene said...

Hello fellow animal lover! I think Hobo sounds like a great character, and I'd love to read your book!

Thanks for the giveaway!
darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sharon, thanks for a great interview. I have had To Shketch a Theif on my wish list since I first heard about it.

Anonymous said...

I love cozy mysteries. This looks like a great series. Thanks for the giveaway.
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

orchid7 said...

Sharon- Your book looks great! I can't wait to read it. :)

Carol M said...

I love cozies with animals! This sounds really good!

Becky said...

I enjoyed the interview and can't wait to read the books. Thanks.

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I started out reading Nancy Drew mysteries as soon as I could read and the mystery genre is one I still return to for a fun read. There is just something about reading and solving a mystery that continues to satisfy the little girl who so devoured the ND books so long ago.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

mamabunny13 said...

This soundss like it's gonna be a good series.
mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

Stacie said...

Sharon, I am a dog lover too. We drove four hours one way to adopt our two dogs from a rescue shelter a few years ago. I love your series. Look forward to reading the latest adventure. Thanks for the amazing interview & giveaway :)


ann said...

I love the names of your books and the cute covers on them

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway! Love the theme. I'm a dog lover too.