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Friday, July 29, 2011


Welcome to
Feel GooFriday!!!

Erika had found that a lot of her bloggy friends reading posts about being positive, so she thought she might try her very own meme. She just wanted everyone to feel good and have some happy thoughts as you begin the weekend.  Go over to her blog for the details.

"The Girl" is busy constructing a new website so for the time being this feature is being hosted by lia sophia tomgirl.  She has a great blog, be sure to check it out!

What made me Feel Good this week!!

First, I am feeling quite a bit better and my face is slowly coming back.  The issue now as that continues I hope is that the paralysis was keeping the pain at bay but a few ibuprofen has kept that in check and being able to read again without a magnifying glass is pure joy. 

Next, I have been receiving some awesome books to review and my wish list a Paperbackswap has gone crazy.  I usually get about 1 wish listed book a month and this past week 14 came through and are on their way to me.  I am going to be very busy reading.

Lastly, I received this picture via an email from my good friend Cheryl this morning and I just have to share it with all of you.  It sure made me smile, well as much as I can smile right now.

What made you Feel Goothis week?
I hope you will take just a moment to share it with me.


Sparkling said...

I love that picture of the cat!!

spraypaintqueen said...

Spray Paint Queen - Feel Good Friday I love that photo. Cats are so funny sometimes! I have two and they never cease to amaze me with what they come up with.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Good preparatory advice for making lasagne. This is a great photo! lol

Have a good weekend!
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Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

That is cute! Sadly, I could see my cat doing that if he could.

Dizzy C said...

That is funny.

Have a good weekend Lori.


jackie b central texas said...

Lori good news, glad so very glad you are improving and only having to take OTC meds for pain rather than prescription... Smiling will happen, have faith and one day you will be able to smile just like you can see with a maginifier now!

What made me feel good today was two fold, happiness over your feeling better and WE GOT RAIN this afternoon:-)!
Finally had a short shower and hope we will get more showers tonight and over the weekend, no break from heat as sun is bright and steamy but some wet stuff our way is so badly needed we appreciate every drop we get! Thanks for stopping by and chatting with Maria, I never knew you did not like the genre I enjoy as a way to escape reality. However be assured that does not worry me, especially since I like a cozy mystery every once in a while myself... Just for the past few years have not found time or inclination to read one as have discovered the joys of Contemporary/Historical and Paranormal Romance and cannot stop reading them.

Carol M said...

The kitty is so cute! I love seeing all the cat photos on line. I have two myself and they are so much fun.