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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts - Casey Anthony

I have to say I wasn't caught up in the television coverage of this case but did read about the case online throughout the trial.  I did watch some of the closing arguments over the weekend and was watching CNN when the verdicts came down.  Yes, I was surprised. My thoughts are that I must have really missed something by not watching the entire trial and only reading news accounts.  The jurors must have seen or heard something I missed.  I listened to the reporters yesterday saying the case was all circumstantial and the prosecution did not make their case "beyond a reasonable doubt".  The jury also did not take long to deliberate so clearly I missed something.
I just hope Justice is found somewhere 
for what happened to this little girl.
Was it an accident not handled correctly?

I am clearly amazed at the number of children that our murdered in our country each year.  Just yesterday it was announced 3 children were killed in a town less than 25 minutes from my home. 

What can children aged 3 and 4 like Caylee 
have done so bad to have to be killed.  
There have to be other solutions, family, social services, friends. 
Anything but killing these children.  
What does that solve?

Please share your thoughts or opinions.
I really want to know what you think about these horrific random thoughts I am having today.
Sharing makes us heal and move forward plus sheds light on issues that others may have missed.

These Random Thoughts are starting to become a 
weekly thing on Thursdays.  
I used to just post my Random Thoughts occasionally and really appreciate your participation.
Thank YOU!!
I may continue this as a weekly post, you can leave your thoughts about that idea as well.


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I paid minimal attention to this case in the news, but can't say I'm very surprised at the verdict. Seemed like there was a lot of doubt thrown at the charges against her. Obviously somebody is lying about something in this family and they are very messed up. But it's not in any way clear what happened to Caylee. Casey is a horribly immoral and thoughtless person, but she wasn't on trial for that.

CMash said...

Where do I begin? Warning...long post. I have followed this case from when this beautiful baby went missing in 2008. I have followed the trial and think it was a travesty of justice. Lies, perjury by the parents (that were proven in court), jurors not taking notes with all the forensic evidence. Ok..I wasn't surprised Murder 1 was a not guilty. But what about charges of obstructing justice, negligence of child abuse (not notifying authorities for 31 days of a missing child) and the list goes on.
A travesty. I went to the Huffington Post site and saw some of the evidence photos and was torn apart when I saw the remains of that beautiful little girl, and I was in the medical field. How could the grandmother, also a nurse, not know her daughter was pregnant? And when she said the car smelled like there was a dead body in the damn car, believe me, it's an odor you don't forget. The whole story, there is just something not right.

Victoria Zumbrum said...

I was surprised at the verdict. We all know she killed that beautiful little girl. I think her parents knew from the beginning and she continuously lied to the police. So if it was an accident why lie and cover it up. I don't understand people today. I don't understand how anyone can hurt our children. They are so beautiful and innocent and are a gift from God. Children should be protected and cherished. Tore923@aol.com

dollycas aka Lori said...

I have been too chicken to go look at the pictures. I know I really missed something. One of the lawyers from the prosecution as on The View yesterday but I just watched it today, and he said he is fine with the verdict, that you have to trust the process. I am really having a hard time with this, lies upon lies. Then 31 days. If it was an accident and they panicked, why not just say so and save all the time and money. The cause of death seems to be the sticking point that the jurors couldn't get past. But what kind of person, if this were an accident would be able to put duct tape over a child's month and get rid of the body. Truthfully I am not positive Casey did it, but someone in that family did something wrong and a story was created lie upon lie upon lie to cover up what really happened and who really did it. I don't think Caylee got justice, but if I am to trust the process eventually the truth will come to light.

Steve Capell said...

The very poor denouement of this tragic story leaves the American public scratching their heads and wondering how or when Caylee's death will get the justice that it deserves. I will not pass judgement on anyone involved with this case as I haven't followed the case closely and for second reason I feel the news media these days are truly putting their own ideology into their news forecasts. The only good outcome out of this entire tragedy is Caylee is no longer suffering and is now with Jesus.