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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thoughts - A True Hero

He was only the second living soldier to receive this award, 
military's highest honor.  
It has only been given 9 times 
during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
I had to include the link so you could see and hear the story in case you missed it live this past week.

I want these wars to end and everyone to come home safe and sound, but as long as we are there I am so proud of soldiers like  Leroy Petry.  His service, his actions, his bravery truly deserve this high honor.  He has also received two Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and several other honors.

While his service and sacrifice are exemplary we must never forget all the other men and woman deployed all over the world and those here in the states doing their jobs.  
Plus those who have served in these and all other wars.
They are part of what makes our country great and keeps us safe and we need to remember all of them every day, not just on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day!

Please share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
I love to hear what you think!!!


Liz V. said...

Perhaps some of your readers would like to remember our service personnel by assembling combat designed rosaries (no clinking or shiny metal; durable; etc.) Wikipedia says rosaries are used, not only by Roman Catholics, but Anglicans and Lutherans too. The comments from serving chaplains suggest, however, a non-denominational appreciation.


citymouse said...

Well said. My son Matt just returned home from a year in Iraq and has VOLUNTEERED to go on a special recon mission in Afghanistan (probably before the end of the year). The overall lack of support our military gets concerns me... as an Army mom and as a citizen. Thanks for posting this.

Steve Capell said...

I agree with citymouse that our military men and women need our full support; however, I see often people in Washington make political decisions verses human decisions. The entire globe is a much safer today because of USA military.

dollycas aka Lori said...

My dad served in WWII, my brother served in Viet Nam, I have a nephew in the Marines that is stateside right now. The military today is seriously pushed to the limit. citymouse your son is a hero and you and Steve are both right about the support. The arguments going on in Washington right now and here is Wisconsin and across the U.S. turn my stomach. They are not concentrating on jobs or supporting our forces. I try to keep politics off my blog but this random thoughts feature has kind of broken that rule. Our world is safer because of the USA military and most people know this, I hate it the politics comes first and the people come last.

Keep posting your thoughts! I love to hear what you think!

Carol N Wong said...

We do need to support all of them. My father and all his brothers served in WWII, one uncle in the Korean War, one cousin in the Viet Nam War.
People are having to do two many tours. My friend's son has been to IRAQ and Afghanistan three times. How much more can we ask of them in good conscience?

Praying that they are brought home safe.