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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Margaret Coel's Blood Memory and The Perfect Suspect

I have wanted to read some of Margaret Coel's work for awhile but with 15 books out in her Wind River Series and my habit of reading series books in order I didn't think I would ever catch up.  Then a review book arrived this month, The Perfect Suspect by Margaret Coel.  It wasn't part of the Wind River Mysteries but a different series featuring an investigative reporter, Catherine McLeod.  It was just the second book featuring this character, so I tracked down the first book, Blood Memory. It was published back in 2008.  I immediately decided it would be my Just For Fun Challenge book for August.

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by Lesley Worrell
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ISBN-10: 0425223450

Catherine McLeod works for The Journal in Denver.  She is covering a story about the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes filing to reclaim their 27 million acres of land.  Someone doesn't want her to know the details of this deal because she becomes the target of an assassin.  She has narrowly escaped his attacks as she continues to uncover many secrets about a conspiracy that leads way back into the past and the founding of Denver itself.  She also learns about her own heritage.

My Thoughts:
I  enjoyed this book very much not only for the current mystery but the immense amount of Native American history contained in this story.  At times it was a little hard to follow, but after reading this book I did a little research into the treaty and it can be very hard to understand on its own.  Coel's ability to wrap a entire story around it is masterful. The author is a historian and said to be an expert in the Arapaho Indians and it shines through clearly in her work.  I am sure that is why her other series is so successful as well.

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Release Date: September 6, 2011

ISBN-10: 0425243486
ISBN-13: 978-0425243480

David Matthews is the extremely popular candidate running for the Governor's seat in Colorado.  Catherine McLeod has been covering his campaign. There are rumors of a few skeletons in his closet, affairs and some shady business deals but nothing that can be really substantiated.  No one is more shocked than Catherine when news spreads that the candidate has been murdered in his home. 

Police are scrambling to solve this high profile case as quickly as possible.  His wife has motive with all his affairs and the murder weapon is even found in her house.  But Catherine receives an anonymous phone call from someone who tells her they witnessed the killer leaving the scene of the crime and it was not his wife. Catherine puts her career and her life on the line to find the witness who can identify the killer. 

My Thoughts:  
The first reason I loved this book was that while it is being released three years after the last book the book picks up only about a year later.  Catherine's romance has progressed but not by much, she is still learning more and more about her heritage and the mystery is top notch.  

We know who the killer is from the beginning and we watch them react to everything happening as Catherine gets closer to the truth. Catherine is a tough heroine but we also get to see her softer side. She great in the moment of drama but is very human as she lets down her walls as she deals situations beyond her control.

The writer also writes in almost a poetic way when she describes the scenes in the book from things as simple as a sunrise to the places she travels while running down clues.  

I am glad I made the effort to read this author's work. She is an outstanding storyteller.  Catherine's ancestors would be very proud at how well she tells a story.  I am going to have find a way to work into my reading schedule the Wind River Mysteries.  I think I am missing out on some wonderful books.   
These books together make a 

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Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

This sounds great. Even with our best resolutions (I will not buy more books until I can actually FIT them into my bookshelves, etc.), when we find a new author or series that we love, those resolutions fly right out of the window!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I love to start a a new series from the beginning, and this author sounds like a good choice. -Rae