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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome Rhiannon Ellis - Author of Bonded in Brazil

Back in June I read a story in the local paper about a local author releasing two books.  Well this paper serves several communities in the area so I was quite shocked to find that this local author actually resides right here in our small village of less than 1500 people. I immediately sent her an email and asked for a review copy of Bonded in Brazil. After a couple of emails I was so happy that she agreed to do a guest post and that she is here today. 

Welcome Rhiannon!

Thank you, Lori, for letting me visit your blog today to share a little about myself and my work with your followers.

Twenty-two years ago, I sat at my desk in my third-grade classroom at Macintosh Elementary School when an announcement was made over the loud speakers.

“Rhiannon Hill is the second-place winner in the poetry contest for her poem, Rhiannon Virginia Hill Would Not Take Her Medicine Pill.”

Imagine my surprise and elation to learn that I’d won a contest for a poem I hadn’t even wanted to write, one I’d rushed through, jotted down in my worse penmanship, and totally forgotten about within five minutes of turning it in to my teacher.

Our passions are a lot like a wizard’s wand in Harry Potter. We don’t choose them; they choose us.

Placing second in that poetry contest was the first time I recall feeling like I was “good” at something—a pretty big moment for an 8-year-old. I rekindled that feeling many times throughout my childhood and teen years, occasionally scribbling a poem, short story or outlining a play on notebook paper. At first, I wrote to remind myself. Eventually, I wrote because I loved the art of creation…and the escape! And now, being the mother of a drama-queen 5-year-old and a rambunctious, all-boy 3-year-old, an occasional escape is needed…and well-deserved, thank you very much.

These days, I spend my time chasing my young kids around, tackling a never-ending pile of laundry (yuck!) and searching for the perfect anti-aging moisturizer. There isn’t a whole lot of quiet time for writing at my house, as you can imagine, but I’ve become quite talented at posing as a human jungle gym whilst typing away at my latest project.

I can pack the pages of my manuscripts full of glitz, glamor, love and sensuality, but behind the scenes is a different story! People often ask me how I manage it all; some even ask me why I’d want to. I admit adding writing to my already long list of tasks makes for a hefty load. Sometimes I get frustrated with how little time it leaves for doing my favorite chores, like laundry (sarcasm, sarcasm), but then I look at my children…

One day, perhaps soon, they’ll win a contest, or kick the winning goal, or do some small thing that makes them feel like they’re “good” at something. Like their weary mom, they’ll always remember that moment, and big dreams will spark in their little hearts. Then, one day a long time from now, they’ll get busy with real-life stuff, and lack of time and energy will tempt them to set aside their passions.

As their pain-in-the-butt, nag mother, I’ll not let that happen! But first, I lead by example. At least I hope I do.

BONDED IN BRAZIL, a contemporary romance with a loveable Brazilian heroine and vineyard setting, was released March 25, 2011—preceded by the release of my paranormal romance DARK WOLF PROTECTOR the week prior. And in August of 2012, readers will be able to get their hands on HARVESTING THE HEART, the sequel to Bonded in Brazil, featuring two of the minor characters in their own love story.

Yes, I’m one busy lady!

Thanks to anyone who stops by, reads and comments. If you happen to pick up one of my books, drop me a line to let me know what you thought! Until then…

Keep reading. Keep writing. And keep dreaming!

Rhiannon Ellis

Thank you Rhiannon so much for dropping by. Your story is inspuring. I can't wait to get my hands on Harvesting The Heart!

Now let me tell you about Bonded in Brazil!

Camel Press
Available Now 
ISBN-10: 1603818464
ISBN-13: 978-1603818469

Eliana Menino is a very strong woman.  When she learns that her father has missed a few loan payments to their investors and their family vineyard is about lost after four generations of hard grueling work she steps in to make a deal of her own. She offers to work off the debt herself in service to a man she calls "Demonio".

She has never left her beautiful home in Brazil but when Hale Forester agrees to her terms she leaves her beautiful exotic home and flies to Napa Valley on Forester's private jet.

It doesn't take long for Eliana to realize the Hale Forester is not the ruthless man she thought he was or that he does have the power to break her heart.  Both their lives are about to change.

Oh this book was so good!!! It has all the necessary elements of the perfect romance, obsession, passion, intrigue, heat, betrayal and love.  The settings were superb, the characters engaging. The difference in cultures was well portrayed.  It is a well written memorable story as smooth as a fine wine and yet as steamy as Eliana's home of Brazil. I was drawn in before the end of the first page and could not escape its spell until the final word.  It was a story I didn't want to end so I am thrilled to learn there is a sequel coming soon!!  

This is a perfect beach read or the perfect book to escape into at any time of year!  The sequel can not be published soon enough!  Cheers Rhiannon, I loved this story!!!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Camel Press. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Pamela Keener said...

I love your enthusiasm and closing sentiment to keep dreaming. This sounds like an intriguing read and I will add this to my TBB list.
Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love the article and the blog!

Be Blessed!
Elisa Talbot

Kristi said...

Hi Rhiannon - great guest post. Loved the part about waiting for the moment when your kids find something they are good at. Made me take a look at my kids and think about what their passions are. Hope to read one of your books soon!

Kelly L said...

I love your story Rhiannon. It is the little things that really inspire us to follow our dreams! This sounds like a great book. I will add it to my wish list!