"All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality -- the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape."
--Author Christopher Benson



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100+ Reading Challenge January - June 2011

For some unknown reason all of my posts under this page title prior to July became unformatted and if you clicked on the 100+ Reading Challenge Page the posts were huge and overtook the whole blog and took forever to load.  I have deleted all posts in this category prior to June going back to when I started my blog.  This means 2009 and 2010 Challenge posts are literally history.

 I have recreated my posts here in this one post for January - June

1 mortar and MURDER Jennie Bentley
2 Murder Your Darlings J.J. Murphy
3 Miss Hildreth Wore Brown Olivia deBelle Byrd
4 Lost & Found Jacqueline Sheehan
5 Dewey's Nine Lives Vicki Myron and 
Bret Witter
6 Faithful Kim Cash Tate
7 Blood of the Prodigal P.L. Gaus
8 The Cat, The Lady, and The Liar Leann Sweeney
9 A Crafty Killing Lorraine Bartlett
10 Drip Dead Christy Evans
11 Town in Blueberry Jam B.B. Haywood
12 Stitch Me Deadly Amanda Lee
13 Town in a Lobster Stew B.B. Haywood

14 Curiousity Thrilled The Cat Sofie Kelly
15 The Sportscaster's Guide To Watching Football Mark Oristano
16 Inhuman Condition Kate Thornton
17 The Secret Lives of Dresses Erin McKean
18 Outside In Courtney Thorne Smith
19 Stuck On Murder Lucy Lawrence
20 Cut to the Corpse Lucy Lawrence
21 Sealed With A Kill Lucy Lawrence
22 Beaglemania Linda O. Johnstom
23 How To Survive A Killer Séance Penny Warner
23 A Deadly Cliché Ellery Adams
25 Fruit OF ALL EVIL Paige Shelton
26 Motherhood is MURDER Diana Oragain

27 Formula For Murder Diana Orgain
28 Dead Reckoning Caitlin Rother
29 Toys James Patterson 
& Neil McMahon
30 Running On Empty Sandra Balzo
31 Veil of Roses Laura Fitzgerald
32 When No One Is Watching  Joseph Hayes
33 Organize Your Corpses Mary Jane Maffini
34 Live Wire Harlan Coben
35 The Cluttered Corpse Mary Jane Maffini
36 Death Loves A Messy Desk Mary Jane Maffini
37 Closet Confidential  Mary Jane Maffini
38 The Busy Woman's Guide To Murder Mary Jane Maffini
39 Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle Ann B. Ross
40 Night of the Living Dandelion Kate Collins
41 Deadly Notions Elizabeth Lynn Casey
42 Eat Your Peas Daughter Cheryl & Mom Karpen

43 Cookie Dough or Die Virginia Lowell
44 September Mourn Mary Daheim
45 Dreaming In English Laura FitzGerald
46 A World I Never Made James LePore
47 Friendship Bread Darien Gee
48 Scratch The Surface Susan Conant
49 Pumped For Murder Elaine Viets
50 The Stormchasers Jenna Blum
51 The Wedding Shawl Sally Goldenbaum
52 Mind Your Own Beeswax Hannah Reed
53 Turn in the Road Debbie Macomber
54 Bullet Work Steve O'brien
55 Flowerbed of State Dorothy St. James
56 Classified As Murder Miranda James

57 The Social Climber's Handbook Molly Jong-Fast
58 Lost and Fondue Avery Aames
59 Murder Under Cover Kate Carlisle
60 On Magie's Watch Ann Wertz Garvin
61 The Shepherd Ethan Cross
62 Skein of the Crime Maggie Sefton
63 Unraveled Maggie Sefton
64 Pushing Up Daisies Rosemary Harris
65 The Arrivals Meg Mitchell Moore
66 Alice Bliss Laura Harrington
67 A Parfait Murder Wendy Lyn Watson
68 Ink Flamingos Karen O. Olson
69 Finger Lickin' Dead Riley Adams
70 Dire Threads Janet Bolin

71 Missing Persons Clare O'donohue
72 Sentenced to Death Lorna Barrett
73 To Sketch A Thief Sharon Pape
74 Grace Interupted  Julie Hyzy
75 The Silver Boat Luanne Rice
76 Called Home Two Hearts Answer Gloria Schumann
77 Georgia Bottoms Mark Childress
78 The Covert Element John L. Betcher
79 Spyder David Fingerman
80 Silver Girl Elin Hilderbrand
81 Fundraising The Dead Sheila Connolly
82 Let's Play Dead Sheila Connolly
83 A Stranger Like You Elizabeth Brundage
84 How To Moon A Cat Rebecca M. Hall
85 Books Can Be Deceiving Jenn McKinlay
86 The Square Root of Murder Ada Madison

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