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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

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Little Brown and Company
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ISBN-10: 031609966X
ISBN-13: 978-0316099660

Meredith Martin Delinn's world is crashing around her. She has been living the "high life" since her children were small. Her husband, Freddy, was one of those wonderful guys on Wall Street that got caught by the SEC (think Bernie Madoff) making off with his clients money and wonderful guy that he was, he dragged his wife and family down with him.

Freddy is now sitting in prison while Meredith and their son Leo are under investigation and filled with questions. Their son Carver never got into the family business so he is not facing the heat, but Leo has moved in with him and they can have no contact with their mother.

Meredith has lost everything except for some money she had of her own before she was married, but she has no home, no friends, can't talk to or see her sons, no social standing at all.  She contacts her friend since childhood, Constance Flute.  Their friendship fizzled out when they took all the money they had invested with Freddy out a couple of years ago. Connie's husband, Wolf, was dying and he just didn't think Freddy's numbers added up and thought he was doing something shady.  But Meredith stood  by her man and blamed Wolf's cancer for his poor judgement.   

Connie is headed to Nantucket for the summer to try to heal from the devastating loss of not only her husband, but her daughter who is blaming her for not making her dad fight harder against the cancer that had returned.  He chose his work over the treatments.  He was an architect and he felt the work he was committed to needed to be completed and would be his legacy.  Connie has called and left a voice mail every Sunday hoping that just once her daughter will pick up the phone or call her back.

Connie decides to take Meredith with her to Nantucket so they may also heal their friendship, but once the people of the island find out that Meredith is there, the friends become plagued with old and new troubles, adding even more stress in their lives at a place that was supposed to be healing, relaxing and full of happy memories. Can their friendship be restored?  What kind of lives will they after when the summer ends? 

This is the quintessential summer beach read.  It takes on the power of friendship, love, loss, forgiveness, trust, happiness, prosperity, misery, and bliss, along with an element of suspense.  It is also very current due to the scandal that happened in New York with Bernie Madoff recently, like I said above, but it shows the other side, that maybe some of the spouses of the Wall Street Execs really could be oblivious to what was really happening.  When they are bringing home that much money it is kind of taken for granted and the how and why is not always questioned. Unfortunately most of us are not in that position so I didn't trust Meredith for a good part of this story, which made it more of a mystery for me as the clues were uncovered and linked together.

I also loved the special ways history was remembered and tied to some very beautiful music.  It made the story so much more real as they were songs I loved from my past.  Just added a wonderful element that set the back stories and much more.

I had the privilege to read an review Hilderbrand's The Island last summer and declared it my Best General Fiction Read of 2010. Elin Hilderbrand has become one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read her entire back list and anything she writes in the future.

The tagline of this blog is "Escape With A Good Book".  This is the perfect "escape" book!! I did over the weekend and am so glad I did. Get yours today, fix a nice pitcher of lemonade, splash on a little sunscreen and hit the beach, deck chair, or porch swing and sit back and enjoy this wonderful story.

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Mardel said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I wonder also, about the families of people like Madoff. How aware, or purposefully unaware they are of what's going on. Maybe some are very clueless of paychecks and money matters, but sometimes there must be a bit of wonderment going on.

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I have this to read and am looking forward to it even more after reading your review. I love when songs I know and love are included in a story. It makes the setting much more real to me as I can hear the music in the background. Growing up there was always music in the background at our house!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

ugh, i am so sorry you were hacked. Cross my fingers that everything turns out okay.

holdenj said...

Her books do seem like an annual rite of summer. From the covers to the settings, they always look so good!