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--Author Christopher Benson



Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome to
Feel Good Friday!!!
Erika had found that a lot of her bloggy friends reading posts about being positive, so she thought she might try her very own meme. She just wanted everyone to feel good and have some happy thoughts as you begin the weekend.  Go over to her blog for the details.

Getting a slower start this morning as I have been doing a little online Christmas shopping.  If you read my Wednesday post Reflection you know that I skipped Christmas last year entirely so shopping feels good this year.  But that's not what my post is about, that was Wednesday's post.  

 Today I am talking about collections. (not like at church or those dreadful phone calls) but fun collections.  Over the years I have collected many things, books, of course, but fabric,

Not my actual stash, just a small representation.
lots of fabric, quilting and sewing tools and books, these still are waiting for me in the basement.  

I have collected cardinals and chickadees in prints, figurines, sun catchers, collector plates, I love these birds, and still add to the collection occasionally.

We have this plate and also a similar limited print.  The building in the background is just a few miles from here.
My current passion is SNOWMEN!!

Small, large, wooden, stuffed, Styrofoam, knitted, crocheted, even a huge inflatable one for the yard, you name it, I love them.  Most of the ornaments for our tree are snowmen.  The pop up all over the house and most spend the winter out and about. One very special one, dressed as a fireman, stays out year round on some shelves with other fireman things as a small tribute to my dad.  The snowman sits right next to a picture of my dad in his formal fire attire.  

Many of my snowmen come from my niece Heather, she brings the neatest things to the family gift exchange.  When it is my turn to pick I always want to know which bag Heather brought because that is the one I want.  The two pictured here are both from Heather.  We also have snowmen coffee/hot chocolate mugs, outdoor flags, welcome mats, and many, many more.  I have found Terry's Village to be a wonderful source for snowmen.  They are not one of my Holidays sponsors but I love their stuff and most things are marked down/on sale right now.
Some of my ornaments.
Just a sample from Terry's Village.

I love all the snowmen.  Maybe with the extra snow headed here tomorrow, Kaden will build me another real one outside like he did last year with his mom, aunts and uncles.  I really hate what the cold does to my aches and pains but these SNOWMEN sure make me
Feel Good !!!

I can't wait to read about what made you
Feel Good this week!!


jackie b central texas said...

Very pretty plates Lori, I collect hummingbirds and my fireplace mantel is covered with them on shelves ... I also collect bookmarks, bookplates, book cards and scrapbook them.. My favorite though is all my treasured patterns for my cross-stitch and crochet that have not touched in last 2 years because when my eyes changed cannot look at the patterns without getting eye strain and headaches so I quit crafting until my prescription changes back to where can hopefully work on my needlework again!

jackie >_<

GMR said...

Great idea for a post...everyone needs to "feel good", especially after a long work week..and snowmen? How PERFECT for this time of year! I use to collect snowglobes and teddy bears ages ago it seems....nowadays it's more the book variety. ^_^

(Oh and as for reading challenges for next year...check out Red Headed Book Child's Mystery reading challenge! http://www.redheadedbookchild.blogspot.com)

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot of prints. I don't collect them but one time, I was walking by the fabric area and a print with orchids and other exotic flowers called to me! I had to buy it.

I love things bird! Embriodered bird for a quilt but I don't how to finish as it needs quilting. Then have bird statues, pictures and even a bird lamp!

I gave up embriodery and cross stitch but started again after my cataract operations. My eyes are much better than they were but now have glaucoma so I may have to stop that later but I really enjoy that.

Carol Wong

I got into knitting and made a lot of eyeglasses holders, purses and love making scarves. I did make a pullover without a pattern because I was cold. I made so many things for gifts but really can't afford the yarn now that I am retired.

purplume said...

That is a lot of beautiful fabric.
Snowmen eh? That is a perfect friend for a fireman.
I love nativity scenes. I don't collect really but I sure accumulate fabric and yarn.
Merry Christmas to you.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I love snowmen too, it is especially nice to keep them up during winter and not have to take them down after the holidays!

Emily made me one with a sock and beans that is up all year. He is just such a cutie!

Stay Warm!!!