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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Killer Crop by Sheila Connolly

Berkley Prime Crime
A Division of Penguin Publishing
An Orchard Mystery
4th Book in the Series
Release Date: December 7, 2010

This series features Meg Corey who moves to the small town of Granford, Massachusetts to renovate and sell a home her mother has inherited from some very distant relatives.  The house needs much more work than Meg ever expected but it has one wonderful surprise, an apple orchard.  Meg decides to stick around in Granford to see if she can make the orchard prosper and finds she really enjoys the town, the residents and the house with all it has to offer.

In "A Killer Crop", Meg's mother shows up in Granford very unexpectedly and at the busiest time for Meg, it is time to harvest her first  crop of apples.  It turns out Meg's mom, Elizabeth, came to the area at the request of an old friend.  Sadly the old friend ends up dead shortly after meeting with Elizabeth which makes her the likely one to have last seen him alive and may even be his killer.  Meg is sure her mother is keeping secrets but she is definitely not a murderer and vows to "pick" out the true killer.  Not to mention a very famous poet may be involved in this case more than anyone can believe.

I read this whole series this past week and this is a perfect series to read that way because each book picks up right where the last one leaves off.  Also while this series fits the definition of a cozy mystery, "no graphic violence, no profanity, explicit sex, amateur sleuth, eccentric supporting characters, etc." this series is so much more.  I have found this series to be very educational.  I now know more about apple orchards, pest control and Emily Dickinson and learned them in a very fun way through this fictional series.  The second book in the series got a little bound up in the education so that was my least favorite book of the series, but I still would say "I  LIKED IT****"  

This book "A Killer Crop" was by far the best, but that usually is the case with series, each book evolves into the next, you get to know the characters, the setting, the author's writing style and each book is better than the last.  It also left me wanting to learn more about the poet that called Amherst, Massachusetts her home. Details were woven into the story that left me wanting more.  I also want more Meg Corey, more Granford, more apples!!!  "Bitter Harvest" the next Orchard Mystery comes out in August 2011 and I can't wait!!! 

To find out more about Sheila Connolly, visit her web page.

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Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I have not read this series yet! thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Anonymous said...

I love New England apples. I always lament not getting back there in the fall.

Jennifer (Crazy-for-Books) said...

Hi Lori! You said you read the whole series that week, but I don't see the rest of your reviews? I have the first book in this series and I would love to see your take on the rest of the books! Let me know if you review them!