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--Author Christopher Benson



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 Cozy Mystery Challenge

I told you I would keep you posted of any new challenges I found that may interest you 
and have found a few.
I am going to feature each one in a separate post 
so they will be easy to find and 
easy for me to participate in.

2011 Cozy Mystery Challenge!
The 2011 Cozy Mystery Challenge is being hosted by Debbie's Book Bag!  In the past few months she has become increasingly interested in cozy mysteries.  I THINK I GOT HER HOOKED ON THEM!!!! 

What is a cozy mystery, you ask? Click HERE for a great definition from www.cozy-mystery.com, which will provide you with lots of great options for this challenge, including an alphabetical listing of cozy mystery authors.

Cozy mysteries usually involve an female amateur sleuth that gets herself into a trouble trying to solve a mystery. These are light, fun reads that appeal to women who liked reading Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew books when they were growing up. They are not as heavy and deep as most mystery/thrillers. They usually come as part of a series with specific themes. You can find just about any kind of cozy mystery from knitters, to bakers, to bookshop owners and tattoo artists.

I want everyone to have a lot of fun with this one! So the rules won't be too complicated.

Sign Up:

~To Sign up for the challenge you must make a post on your blog announcing your participation in the challenge, your level of participation and link back to this sign up page.

~You then must use the URL of that post to sign up through the Mr. Linky provided here.

~Please post the 2011 Cozy Mystery Challenge Button on your side bar so that others can link back to Debbie's Book Bag, if they want to sign up.

Other Details:

~The challenge will run from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.

~ There will be three levels of participation to choose from:

Amateur Detective: Read 1-5 Cozy Mystery's
Private-Eye: Read 6-10 Cozy Mystery's
GumShoe: Read 11 or more Cozy Mystery's

~ You do NOT need to list your cozy mysteries ahead of time, you can add them as you go. If you do choose to list them up front, feel free to change them as you need to.

~ You can sign up any time during the year!

~ Books that have been read before January 1st 2011 will not count for this challenge.
~ Cross-overs from other challenges are accepted.

~ At the beginning of each month I will make a post for you link your reviews to.


~Every person who signs up for the challenge and links at least 5 cozy mystery reviews within the challenge period will be entered to win a prize at the end of the challenge.

~The prize will be a complete cozy mystery series from your favorite cozy author!

Since cozies are my favorite genre I will be signing up at the Gumshoe Level and Commit to read 11 or more cozies in 2011.

I know a lot of you love cozies too and this will be a wonderful challenge for you too.  So head over to Debbie's Book Bag and sign up today!!!!


Kris said...

Even though I still plan to host my cozy mystery challenge April - Sept 2011, I did sign up for this one too. haha! I hope we both have lots of success with them.

justpeachy36 said...

Thanks for joining Lori... you are sooo the one who got me started on Cozy's LOL.....

Julie P said...

You will probably complete your goal for this series in the first month! LOL

dollycas aka Lori said...

I may have to add some extra criteria for myself, like they must be new authors to me too.