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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Social Climber's Handbook by Molly Jong-Fast

Published by Villard
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ISBN-10: 0345501896
ISBN-10: 0345501896

This story takes place in 2008 when the crap was ready to hit the fan on Wall Street.  Daisy Greenbaum's husband is a financial mogul for "The Bank" and he probably knows more about the collapse about to happen than he should and he starts to find away around the impending doom, but his boss shuts him down quite quickly. He needs to keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job.

Daisy is as a socialite who lunches and who throws parties and she starts to realize that the life she has become quite accustomed to may disappear and that her husband's past mistress may not be as far in the past as her husband has led her to believe.

Daisy decides she must take her family's future into her own hands to protect them. She will stop at nothing, even murder to protect the one's she loves.

This is a very dark comedic look at the people most of us already hate because of the economic collapse and the huge bonuses still paid to the people in the banking industry.  

It was well-written and a fast read.  I think with this book the author can stop referring to herself as the daughter of Erica Jong and stand on her own as an author.  Her husband works in the financial industry so he was able to provide her with a good insight.  

I had two problems with the book. Not one character in the book was remotely likable even the Greenbaum's twin daughters. The other was that one daughter was clearly favored over the other.

Other than that this book had some unexpected turns and was entertaining. It is definitely not a mystery novel and not really chick-lit either. I would definitely put this into some sort of "noir" category.  It was with a doubt an interesting story.

Find out more about Molly at her Web Page.
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